Stumble Guys Maps Complete Guide

Stumble Guys is a popular multiplayer game. It can be played on different platforms like Android, iOS, PlayStation5 and PlayStation4. You can also play Stumble Guys for pc with our provided guide. The game has different maps to engage players. Each Stumble Guys map is unique and must be explored. All the maps have different scenes with many challenging hurdles to cross. Some maps require teamwork, so you can play the game with your squad to achieve your common goal. 

The gaming experience changes with every new map. So, always be ready for a new turn. Pay attention to the moves of other players and proceed in the game. Stumble Guys updates the maps and also adds new maps. Always stay tuned for new additions and learn new strategies to play the game effectively. Learn the new moves to always be on top of the game. 

Stumble Guys Map Guide

Stumble Guys Maps

All the maps have many objectives. Some have the objective of finishing the race, some are for scoring goals, some are for team elimination; and so on. Some of the objectives of maps are given below,

  • Race to Finish
  • Team Elimination
  • Solo Elimination
  • Collection Level
  • Don’t Fall
  • Avoid Lasers
  • Score Goals

All the maps are designed to enhance the interest of players. Each map has unique hurdles with many challenges to overcome. You can experience it when you play the game. Some of the maps and their features are given below.

Race to Finish 

Lost Temple

It is a map course in which the stumbler has to finish the race first by crossing the temple through different hurdles like large balls, axes, etc. Cross the temple and win.

Stumble Guys map Lost Temple

Tile Fall

In this map course, you have to follow the path. Make sure not to step on Red Tiles because you will fall and be eliminated from the game. Be consistent in your move and win.

Stumble Guys map Tile fall

Floor Flip

In this map, the floors are very smooth. The floors rotate and move to one side depending on the number of players on the floor. Try to make your way by avoiding a bunch of other players.

Stumble Guys map Floor Flip

Space Race

It is another interesting map where there are different planets and satellites. The stumbler has to jump over different stages to reach the winning point.

Stumble Guys map Space Race

Lava Rush

The map is on Lava land. There are different hurdles, like fireballs and spikes. Avoid them with care and win the game.

Stumble Guys map lava rush

Cannon Climb

This map has a lot of blocks that can stop you from reaching your destination. Run quickly, make your way, and win.

Stumble Guys map Cannon climb

Super Slide

It is a map course with a long slide. Cross the slide by avoiding obstacles and qualify for the game.

Stumble Guys map super slide

Hot Wheels Hustle

You are in a car race with your fellow stumblers. Move forward by avoiding the barriers. It is a racing car experience.

Stumble Guys map hot wheels hustle

Over & Under

It is a map course in which you have to jump and run. There are many bars. Some bars are horizontal, and some are vertical. Avoid touching the bars; run and jump to win the race.

Stumble Guys map over & under

Jungle Roll

In Jungle Roll player has to cross different obstacles in a jungle with a muddy environment. There are many rotating logs. Overcome the hurdles to win.

Stumble Guys map jungle roll

Spin Go Round

Another map course where the floor is full of barriers. There are many spinning hazards. Overcome the hazards by jumping over them. Make your way to win.

Stumble Guys map spin go round

Icy Heights 

It is a map full of cool and snowy effects. There are many barriers, like snowballs and slippery floors. Be careful and win the race.

Stumble Guys map icy heights

Humble Stumble 

The map has a floor with many hurdles like moving cranes, spinning fans, etc. Cross them and win the game.

Stumble Guys map humble stumble

Paint Splash 

This map course has paint. The barriers, like paint rollers, will try to drop you in the paint. Avoid falling in the paint and move forward to finish the race.

Stumble Guys map paint splash

Pivot Push

The map course has many moving gates, moving bricks, and rotating balls to stop you from reaching the finish line. Overcome these all and win.

Stumble Guys map pivot push

Don’t Fall

Block Dash

It is a hard stage. In this map, many blocks will appear as you proceed in the game. You will have to cross these blocks and survive.

Stumble Guys map block dash

Lava Land

It is a map in which the stumbler has to survive falling in the lava by jumping on the obstacles. More new Pillars will be added as you proceed in the game. The winner will have to survive falling.

Stumble Guys map lava land

Honey Drop

This map has beautiful honeycomb compartments. Jump over the compartments quickly and move on to the next. Avoid falling and qualify.

Stumble Guys map honey drop


Another interesting map in which a stumbler has to face many pirates. They will drop bombs on you. Stay on the tiles and avoid the bombs. Try to survive and qualify.

Stumble Guys map bombardment

Bot Bash

The map course has many robots on a stage with you. The robots move at different speeds. The robots will push you as they touch you. Avoid falling off the stage.

Stumble Guys map bot bash

Avoid Laser

Laser Tracer

It is a map course in which you will have to survive by avoiding lasers. To avoid lasers, jump over the lasers and move forward and backwards.

Stumble Guys map laser tracer

Collection levels 

Rocket Rumble

It is a thrilling team-based map course. You will have a bazooka in your hand. You will fire rockets to defeat your opponents. Avoid being hit by rockets. Collect as many flags as you can and qualify in the game.

Stumble Guys map rocket rumble

Stumble Soccer

It is a team-based map course. In this map, you will have to score more from your opponent’s team. Make more scores before the end of time.

Stumble Guys map stumble soccer


Blaster Base

It is a map course in which you have to survive for a long time. To survive in the game, pick up different boosters and shields. Avoid being eliminated from the game and qualify for it.

Stumble Guys map blaster base

Elimination Base

Elimination Base is another map with interesting features. In it, you have to eliminate as many players as you can. To go to the next round, eliminate more players and qualify.

New Maps

Monopoly Rush

Monopoly Rush has a monopoly board. There are many hurdles and obstacles to overcome. Keep yourself safe from waterfalls, Moving trains, moving cars, and many barriers. Jump over the buildings and obstacles and win the race by reaching the winning spot first.

Stumble Guys map monopoly rush

Crab’s Landing

Another interesting map in which you will have to land on a plane crash site. You will move through hurdles to the crab king, which is here to save the day. Be conscious and alert about the dangers of the path. Beware of water levels that are rising. Enjoy your game and qualify for it. 

Stumble Guys map crab's landing

Ice Caramba

It is a map with many barriers in a snowy environment. You will have to overcome many obstacles, like snowballs, spinning fans, and blocks. Move forward by overcoming the hurdles. Reach the winning point first and qualify for the game.

Stumble Guys map ice caramba

All the maps of Stumble Guys are discussed above with complete details. Now you can start playing and enjoy the game with your favourite map. Just select the map you want to play and enjoy.
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The Stumble Guys has many new maps, such as Monopoly Rush, Crab’s Landing, Super Watermark, and Ice Caramba.

Based on the reviews, some of the best maps in Stumble Guys are, Hot Wheels, Block Dash, Paint Splash, Honey Drop, Space Drop.

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