Stumble Guys MrBeast Dangerous Traps Map

To increase the interest of all the Stumble Guys players, Mr. Beast is a brand new map to enjoy. Stumblers! Be ready for crazy and amazing challenges and many more. Stumble Guys, Mr. Beast, the dangerous traps map is full of excitement. Complete the challenge by pressing the button to save money from getting into the fire. 

Stumble Guys Mrbeast Dangerous Traps Map

Features Of Stumble Guys MrBeast

The features of Stumble Guys Mr.Beast map are given below.


This map is a wonderland where gravity is your playful companion. There is a big slide over a hilly area. There are many traps, and you have to fly over them. The map is like an amusement park where you can enjoy like a child.


As you proceed in the game, you will encounter many crazy hurdles. The pendulums will launch you in the air like Tarzan. To land safely on land, trust your Mr. Beast Stumblers.

Faceplant Challenge

Now it’s time to face a super-duper slippery slide. It is like a normal slip-and-slide on steroids, covered in banana peels and soapy surprises. This ride is all about messy falls and uncontrollable laughs. So be prepared for the slip-and-slide adventure.

Interconnected Paths

The crazy map will take you in a direction with many turns and twists. Be active and keep your mind sharp to overcome the hurdles. It is a wild ride from start to finish. Be confident and alert.


Get ready for even smoother Stumble Guys fun because server improvements are coming. These upgrades promise faster connections and new friends from around the world. So wear your dancing shoes, embrace the laughs, and get ready to conquer Mr. Beast Dangerous Traps. This map is waiting for you with more thrills, laughter, and excitement. You can also explore its unlimited features in the Mod Version Of Stumble Guys.

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