Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys

Stumble Guys and Falls Guys both have their own fan following. Apparently, these two may look the same to you, but they have similarities and differences too. Both are multiplayer royale battle games. This Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys comparison shows similarities and differences between their features like graphics, gameplay, currency, levels, obstacles, and characters of both games. 

Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys

Features Of Stumble Guys vs Fall Guys


Stumble Guys and Fall Guys both have some common and some uncommon platforms to play.

Common Platforms

Some common platforms on which both Stumble Guys and Fall Guys can be played are 

  • Xbox Series X and Series S 
  • PlayStation 4 
  • PlayStation 5 
  • Microsoft Windows.

Uncommon Platforms

Stumble Guys can be played on platforms like

  •  iOS
  • Android
  • Xbox One 

Falls Guys can be played on platform like

  •  Nintendo Switch


Stumble Guys and Fall Guys both are immensely popular with people and have a huge fan following. But, according to statistics, Stumble Guys has a record of 1.5 million downloads in one day, which is huge compared to Fall Guys. The main reason for its popularity is its presence on the Google Play Store and App Store.


Stumble Guys and Fall Guys both have different graphical features. Stumble Guys has more splendid graphics and bright colors as compared to Falls Guys. Stumble Guys has cartoonish characters with rubbery visuals, while Falls Guys has bean-shaped cute characters.


As both Stumble Guys and Fall Guys are multiplayer games, they both have different obstacles and hurdles. In Stumble Guys, there are up to 32 players, while in Fall Guys, up to 40 players play at a time. It’s like a race full of different obstacles that the players have to overcome to reach the winning spot.

In both games, the number of players decreases with each upcoming level. The players have to face moving platforms, flying bombardment, and spinning hammers.

The one who makes itself safe from all these obstacles will win. If you are a beginner and want to play with everything unlimited, you can play its Mod Version.

Reward System

Both Stumble Guys and Fall Guys have their own reward systems. The reward system of Stumble Guys gives more favors to the players in the form of coins and gems.

Emotes, skins, footsteps, and animations.

Fall Guys gives less opportunity for rewards as compared to Stumble Guys. The rewarding system at Stumble Guys gives players a greater sense of achievement.


Stumble Guys has diversification in their themes, and their landscapes are beautiful, which makes the game more attractive. Fall Guys has seasonal themes, which may look dull sometimes as compared to Stumble Guys.


Updates are one of the most important factors in any game. Regular updates make games more interesting. Everyone likes new features and new adventures.

Stumble Guys has a regular update system, while Fall Guys has a seasonal update system.


Stumble Guys offers a wide range of customization for its players, like hats, skins, color footsteps, and accessories. This customization makes the game more unique and cool.

Fall Guys has bean-shaped characters and has fewer customization options as compared to Stumble Guys. 


Stumble Guys and Fall Guys both have approximately the same monetization, with few differences.

Both of these games have a basic reward system. You can earn virtual currency through different challenges without spending actual money.

The main difference between both is that Stumble Guys offers in-game currency, which can be used to unlock different characters. At the same time, Fall Guys has some premium costumes that the players can buy with real money.


Stumble Guys and Fall Guys both have similarities and differences. Some may like the first one, and others the former. Through the above comparison, you can easily choose the best one for you. I prefer and like Stumble Guys the most because its gameplay is better. And because of its presence on the Google Play Store and App Store. You can also play Stumble Guys on PC with just some simple steps.


Stumble Guys and Fall Guys both have their features. It totally depends upon you whether you want to play Stumble Guys or Fall Guys. I prefer Stumble Guys over Fall Guys.

No, We cannot say that Stumble Guys is a copy of Fall Guys because it has features that are distinct from the former.

Fall Guys was initially released on August 4, 2020. At the same time, Stumble Guys was released in September 2021.

No, Stumble Guys was developed by Scopely, while Mediatonic developed Fall Guys.

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